Ethical Hacking

ETHICAL HACKING course in rohini

The purpose of ethical hacking is to improve the security of the network or systems by fixing the vulnerabilities found during testing. Moral programmers may utilise similar techniques and instruments utilised by the vindictive programmers yet with the authorisation of the approved individual to improve the security and protecting the frameworks from assaults by pernicious clients. Moral Hacking some of the time called as Penetration Testing is a demonstration of encroaching/infiltrating into framework or systems to discover dangers, vulnerabilities in those frameworks which a pernicious aggressor may discover and abuse causing loss of information, money related misfortune or other significant harms.

Ethical-Hacking1. Introduction to Information Security

Need of Information Security
Concept of Hacking.
What is Ethical Hacking
Hacking Myths
Categories of Hackers
Why Ethical hacking Important
Opportunities for Ethical Hacker
Latest Cyber Cases
Cyber Laws and Indian IT acts.

2. Email Account Hacking and Security

What is Email & How Email works?
Phishing Attacks – Desktop phishing
Social Engineering
Fake Emails
Identify Fake Emails
Key loggers
Anti-Key loggers
Email Encryption
Security Counter Measures

3. Setting up the Lab Prerequisites.

Introduction to Virtual Technology.
Installation of Linux Operating system.

4. Stenography

Introduction to

5. System hacking

Password Cracking.
Escalating Privileges.
Rainbow table attack.

6. Google Hacking Database

Use Google to craft attacks
Advanced operators of Google
Find Vulnerabilities using Google

7. Cryptography

Introduction to Crypto Techniques
Types of Encryption & Hashes
Crypto Analysis
Public and Private keys

8.Mobile hacking

Introduction to Mobile Platforms
Security Architecture of Mobile Platforms
Introduction to VoIP VoIP Calls from any number to any number – Fake Calls
Exploitation Framework

9. Website Hacking

Introduction to Web Architecture
Introduction to SQL
o SQL Injections
• Authentication Bypass Injection
• Blind Injections
• Time Based Injection
• Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Arbitrary File Upload

10. IT Acts and Cyber laws
Introduction to Cyber laws
Cognizable and non-cognizable
IT act 2000
IPC sections according to IT act

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