Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

We here at Delhi Digital Marketing School help Students & industry Professionals to prepare for different interviews in the field of Digital Marketing.

There are Various Key Career options like: For Freshers who have 0-6 months of Experience options are as follows:
1. Seo Executive
2. Social Media Executive
3. Web Content Writer
4. PPC Executive
5. Digital Marketing Executive or Intern Career options for Working Professional are as follows:
1. Digital Marketing Account Manager
2. Digital Sales Expert
3. Digital Marketing Strategist or Account Manager We also help to set up a mindset & what sort of approach A Person should have while preparing for an Interview…

interview preparation

Interview is the final and most vital part of grabbing a job.The best you can present yourself in those 10 min is all that makes a difference, and you different from rest of the crowd.

how you can make the mark ?

how to get sure shot selection in interview?

some tips to channelise your skills and presentation into the right direction.

1>analyze the company

whenever you apply for a job or going for an interview in any particular company. The first step should be “knowing background details of that company as much as you can. You must know ceo/owner of the company, turnover , what company has achieved in past couple of years . what company demands from its new employees, what kind of work it offers. etc . For brief understanding of the company, check out the company website, specifically the “About Us” page. Get a sense of how the company is standing with other organizations in the same industry by reading articles from magazines or websites. You can also check out company reviews .

comments from clients and current and former employees will help you a lot.


2> fulfil the demand of Job

An second most important part of interview preparation is to analyze the job requirements. As you review the job description, find out what job is actually seeking in candidate . jot down skills and qualities required and skills/topics which can be asked by interviewer.This list can make major difference in your impression.

eg> Going for an interview of digital marketer, Find out what job profile requires. Does it require a seo or website developer or social media handler etc.


3> seek your skills yourself

Once you have jot down a list of the qualification and skills a job require , make a list of your assets , your positive attributes and put forward those skills which fits into the required job .If you lack somewhere , work on that flaw. eg. if a job requires website developer. Knowing other topics like seo etc etc adds a cherry on the top but you have to focus on seo majorly.


4>Complete documentation

You should be ready with your file containing all the desired documents company wants from you. from resume , Xth- Xii certificates , graduation certificates, your competition certificates, participation ones or any achievement you have occupied which can show your skills . Photographs ( clicked with  light background are preferred).


5> Put your best in showcase.

jot down list of your assets. These might include  certificates , experiences, professional qualifications, abilities, and knowledge , skills.You can also prepare how to deliver your past work experiences that implies you have skills which they are seeking. So if interviewer asks this you are ready to spell bound them.


5> How to dress in formals ?


just decide what to wear beforehand. Don’t make it rely on last moment. Have an interview outfit ready alltime before the interviews. As the first impression is the last impression .It should be a great move.

always wear a light shade shirts with dark colour trousers . THis richens your professional look. Be able to get presented nicely. Some rules of dressing. If you are wearing a tie, its length should touch your belt. rule 2. colour of your belt and formal shoes should be exactly same.

THis is golden rule to spellbound everyone in first site.

For females keep accessories short. Just wear small earning. Don’t do over makeup. Go for subtle nude makeup and nude lipstick shade for extra glowing face. THis small step can enhance your personality .

Last but not the least don’t forget to fill your empty hand with decent wrist watch. This is sign of punctuality.


what to do with hair ? Your attire doesn’t play a role if your hair doesn’t look descent. Don’t go with shabby, over colored hair which doesn’t suits job profile at all. search medium-short- long hair decent hairstyles and opt which suits you best.


06> mirror practicing

This is also an major step one should definitely keep in mind. free some time to practice how would you deliver the speech.

practise some basic questions with unique answers. master answering basic questions like ” describe us about yourself”

what are your pros and cons . , strength and weaknesses, why you want us to hear you ?

answering interview questions fluently and confidently you will be selected surely. This step will make you more confident in front of interview panel and you won’t get dazzled in front of them.


07> search questions and experiences

many people have shared their experiences and questions asked to them on internet. Just try to search them on google or quora to find out level of questions been asked. If you can be in direct touch to any of ex or current employee associated to that company that would help you getting into the company more easily.


some quick tips

  1. keep your cell phones off during interview
  2. try to answer after thinking for 2 seconds but don’t take too much time in responding.

  3. keep an eye contact to each and every single interviewer.

  4. don’t take a chair unless you are asked to sit.

 5.Reach interview place on time.

 6.always ask interviews what are your loopholes once interview has been over.

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