Google Analytic Fundamental

Google Fundamental

Google Analytic Fundamental’

Learn to track he performance of your website & other Social Media Channels Thorough Google Analytic & Analyse various traffic sources

1.  A ⇒ Audience
2. A ⇒ Acquisition
3. B ⇒ Behavior
4. C ⇒ Conversion
5. Advance functionalities like , Blocking IP Address & Re marketing

Learn to track the performance of your website through Google’s Free tool i.e Google Analytics.

It usually Involves visitor Tracking in following ways
1. Which Country your Visitors are cumming from?
2. Which City/States they are coming from?
3. Which Content they viewing?
4. From Which Device they are viewing?
5. From which Browser they are using to view your content?
6. which Internet Service Provider they have?
7. Their average view time on your website
& other Advance tricks…

1. Learn How to create Re marketing list through Google Analytics?
2. Create Multiple Website view through Google Analytics.
3. Create Multiple Filters of for Tracking of your Website.
4. Creating Goals for ROI calculations of paid advertisements
& many more.

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