Pay Per Click

It is one of the ways through which we can increase the visibility, volume & quality of traffic of our website by bidding on keywords that are beneficial for business.
It is performance based model which provides instant leads, quality traffic, increase sales & boost the performance of campaigns on Google’s Search Engine Result Page(SERP).

What You’ll learn in this Course through Delhi Digital Marketing School

1. Types of keywords used Adwords (Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match, Broad Match Modifier, Negative Match)
2. Search Network Campaigns
2. Display Network Campaigns
3. Videos ad Campaigns
4. Shopping Ads(Google Merchant Center)
5. Return On Investment Calculation (ROI)
6. Bidding Strategies
7. Boost Key performance factors(Ad Rank, Quality Score, Adwords Account Health Score)
8. My Client Centre (MCC)

To get above and more PPC advertising benefits you need to have a proper strategy to follow, which might be tough as a beginner, thus it’s always advisable to hire PPC Course in Rohini, Delhi.

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