Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing Course (SEM)

The Technique of improving search presence or visibility on different Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.of Your website or other Properties is called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) .
It can be done in two ways :
1. The Organic Search Engine Marketing which is usually called Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- I takes time as it is a part of Earned Visibility where we have to gain some sort of trust by promotion our Web-content to attract visitors from our targeted channels and as the content gets popular search Engine starts us o rank higher in their Search Engine Result Pages(SERP)
It can Also be done in two Ways:
a. On Page SEO
b. Off Page SEO

2. The In-Organic Search Engine Marketing also Called Pay Per Click (PPC) which involves paid mediums in which people spend Money o gain instant Traffic, Leads, Conversions on heir Individual Web-Portals. It can be done on Search Engine’s Paid Models like Google has by he Name of “Google Ads/Adwords” & Bing has “Bing Ads”.

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