Youtube Marketing

Youtube marketing

YouTube is a website where users can watch, like, comment, share and also upload their own videos. YouTube is a free service worldwide and it is a great space for every age group out there to explore their field of interest, whether it be cooking, vloggers, music videos, fashion/beauty channels and much more.


In today’s era YouTube is a medium to earn money for many people out there, hence at this point users use the technique of YouTube Marketing.


What is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube Marketing is a strategy to get massive traffic via your YouTube video which will benefit your business to grow digitally. YouTube is the second most popular website around the world & also second most popular search engine ranked only by google which means it is a great platform for your business. One can gather many potential reach for their business.


Steps for YouTube Marketing :-


  1. Title – The title of the video should be very eye-catchy and also to the point as this is the first thing what people read while scrolling down the videos. It is very important to keep the title of maximum 60 characters so that the text doesn’t cut off when shown on the result pages.
  2. Description – YouTube will only show 100 characters of text on the result page, to read beyond that users have to click on the link. Your first 100 characters should drive engagement from the users so it is important to use proper keywords or attach important links.
  3. Tags – Always highlight your main keywords in the tages section. Tags help to associate your videos with similar videos out there which broadens its reach. Eg- If your video is about a makeup tutorial then mention the associated tags with that ; #makeuptutorial #smokeyeyes #beginerssmokeytutorial and much more. Tags helps a user a lot to reach many potential users.
  4. Thumbnails – It is the main image that appears on the videos while scrolling down. Uploading an eye-catchy thumbnail will result in large impact of the amount of clicks and views your videos will receive.
  5. Category – Once you upload your video, YouTube allows you to choose a video category under “Advanced Settings”. Eg – if you upload a music video then one can choose the category “Music” and much more to explore according to your video type.
  6. Include Call-To-Action (CTAs) – Adding CTAs will help you to create more engagement on YouTube. Mentioning the subscribe button or attachimg the link of your website can do wonders to your digital business.


First impression is the last impression and keeping all these things in mind can help you grow your business digitally.

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